2019 - GE 1850 Characters

Geneva 1850-A revolutionary journey
This is a real virtuality experience which lasts 20 minutes.
During this linear narative story you will immerse yourself into the 1850 Revolution of Geneva.
You will be able to touch some props and smell different perfumes.
All the content, technologies and physical creations have been produced into Artanim Studio.

Here are some characters that I have made.
I had to create the population in a short amount of time.
I chose to try "character creator" and I merged my characters, clothes, hair , skin into it in order to be able to generate quickly "random" characters.

Tristan siodlak bourgeois 01

High society characters

Tristan siodlak childv2


Tristan siodlak vip 01

Historical characters and workers

Tristan siodlak character shadow

Loading character

Tristan siodlak cloth

Some cloth sculpt

Tristan siodlak mensculpt

Man skin Variations sculpt and hair example

Tristan siodlak womensculpt

Woman skin Variations sculpt and hair example

Tristan siodlak hair variations

Hairs Variations

Tristan siodlak men hex variations

Man Head Variations

Tristan siodlak men skin variationsand hair

Man skin Variations

Tristan siodlak women hex variations

Woman Head Variations

Tristan siodlak women skin variations

Woman skin Variations

Tristan siodlak cloth color variations

The color of the asset are setup on the engine with RVB mask