2019 - GE 1850 Intro & Props

Geneva 1850-A revolutionary journey
This is a real virtuality experience which lasts 20 minutes.
During this linear narative story you will immerse yourself into the 1850 Revolution of Geneva.
You will be able to touch some props and smell different perfumes.
All the content, technologies and physical creations have been produced into Artanim Studio.

I have worked on this project during 10 months.
I have created the initial game design, characters, some props and a part of the environment
Here, some props I have done.

Genève 1850: embarquez pour un voyage virtuel dans le temps!

Making of de l'expérience "Genève 1850. Un voyage révolutionnaire"

Tristan siodlak carriage 1

Carriage EXT

Tristan siodlak carriage 2

Carriage EXT

Tristan siodlak carriage inside 2

Carriage INT

Tristan siodlak carriange inside 01

Carriage INT

Tristan siodlak trunk


Tristan siodlak wood crates

Wood crate pack

Tristan siodlak post t

Geneva blazon sculpt