2017 - Vr_I Dancer Suit

Dancer Suit :
I created a new topology from 3D scans produced at Artanim Studios to make them run on engine.
I also worked with an amazing fashion designer from Belgium > Jean Paul Lespagnard during the design process to achieve this result.
The dancer was produced from mocap and scans at Artanim studio for the Vr_I project.

Dancers: Diya Naidu, Gilles Jobin, Susana Panadés Diaz, Tidiani N’Diaye and Victoria Chiu.

Project make in Unity, working with Vicon solution . Dirrected by Gilles Jobin
More info about the project here:

Tristan siodlak processdanceurs


Vr_I Costume process

Tristan siodlak 01


Tristan siodlak 02

Giant / Quantum

Tristan siodlak 03

Quantum / Loft

Tristan siodlak 04

Loft / Garden

Tristan siodlak 05